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Comment #1: “The Super Bowl, athletes, and social media: 5 lessons for PR pros” By Caroline Nobles.
Posted on 2/5/2012
Hey Caroline Nobles.
I’m a public relations student at Southeastern University and I loved this article!
I’m a fan of football (Go Ravens!) and I thought it was so interesting how you used the Super Bowl athletes to explain some important PR lessons.

Although I like all of your tips, my favorite is ‘Follow athletes in and out of your sports’. Currently, I’m a cheerleader at my university but I also am passionate about 5k running and I can relate to the fact that watching other athletes to learn new things and keep up with the things going-on is an important part of getting ahead and bettering oneself.

As I write and learn more, I hope to be on your level some day. Thanks for the tips!

Comment #2: “The 5 most-useful social media tools for PR this week” By Adam Vincenzini.
Posted on 2/5/2012

I didn’t know about any of this stuff!
Although I have no use for any of these tools because I am just a PR student, I’m helping my step father with his small business and he might be interested in so he can turn his mockups into live prototypes.
If not, I still learned about five tools I never knew about before.
Thanks for the tips!

Comment #3: “How three companies are using online gaming for PR” By Shel Holtz.
Posted on 2/5/2012

This is something, I think, that nonprofits have been doing for a long time. For example, the Disney Channel advertises good causes to its younger viewers and their parents by providing cause-supporting games they can play online. This, in turn, brings the cause to the child’s parents attention. I know this because I have a little sister who is always begging me to play “Where’s My Water”, which is an online game that promotes clean water.

I think that companies that are taking this concept to promote their products/industry etc. (like NASA) are investing in a great way to bring in profits and raise public awareness. I myself am also a fan of learning through storytelling and there’s nothing like a good story to effectively introduce a new idea.

Comment #4: “Social media fuels boost in empathy among teenagers” By Michael Sebastian

Posted on 2/17/12

This is an interesting topic. Teens are definitely known for being “selfish ego-maniacs”, or at least I was. I used to think teenagers only used social media for gossip, stalking their friend’s lives or talking about themselves. But I can see all of those result in learning more about their peer’s lives. The fact that teens are empathizing with their peers is a great sign that the information they’re getting from social media is being used for better reasons. Although this was just a small sample statistic and probably isn’t a good estimate for teens nation-wide, Non-profits are certainly smart to get involved in this social media age to promote their ideas because of the large and growing amount of teenagers in the audience of social media websites who are using what they learn for good.

Comment #5:  “Finally, a PR definition that says it all”  By Steve Crescenzo

Posted on 2/17/12

You’re funny. I definitely have had this conversation in every one of my PR classes and many assignments have been dedicated to defining what exactly PR is. Every teacher has a different definition that they think is right, and each one pretty much says the same thing just with a verbose amount of different words just as the said “task force” came up with. Good job with combining their definitions in a more efficient manner and good luck defining the other word.

Comment #6: “Great television, and the friends who actually get it…” by Krystal Rose

Posted on 2/22/12

I totally agree that the shows on television aren’t as good as what they used to be. I loved Friends and that 70s Show (Seinfeld was a bit before my days, although I agree that it was a fantastic show). I don’t watch much TV anymore because there literally isn’t anything worth watching in terms of late night sitcoms other than old re-runs. I tend to just leave on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel for my little sister, and because they both have clean, funny shows for kids. Some of the shows even include humor for adults embedded in the humor aimed at younger generations. What I miss most about sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld, though, is that the shows really did do such a great job at relating to problems and situations of common every day life in a fairly non-profane way. I also agree Modern Family has no competition in terms of today’s best, and that hopefully TV writers will come up with original comedies that will surpass the greatness of ones from the 90s.

Comment #7: ” How to create a Facebook Page that’s irresistible to fans” by Kevin Allen

Posted on 4-10-12

This is great advice!
I agree that people expect to have something in return when they allow company’s to market to them through social media. I do it all the time. I only visit a company’s social media site if there is some kind of incentive to.
Also, I’ve noticed that some company’s have been using Facebook games to entertain their fans and encourage them to return to their page; entertainment is an important factor when it comes to engaging human interaction. What you said about Lifestyle Brand is something I’m familiar with, but definitely something I’d like to learn more about in terms of how to successfully accomplish a lifestyle unique for my client’s company.
Thanks for all the tips!

Comment #8: ” Six Questions to Ask When Working With a Blogger” by Jackson Wightman

Posted 4-10-12

I enjoyed your “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How” of working with bloggers, but I did feel like there was details that could be useful that were missing, as the commentators above noted.
Could you explain how a blogger can (or can’t if what the first commenter said is true) make “liking” a brand’s page part of a contest. If not, maybe go more into detail about some of the other requirements to look for in a blogger such as exactly how to see if bloggers can build extra entry mechanisms into contests, etc.

Comment #9: “10 Google Tools you (Probably) Never Knew Existed” By Adam Vincenzini

Posted on 4-15-12

Google Mars is a pretty cool concept, but until humanity actually gets to the point where we can travel to Mars, I’m not sure how useful it really is, except maybe for rocket scientists.
I really like this list though! My favorite Google gadget that I never knew about until now is that HotPot. As a marketing/ PR student, it helps me see how public opinions develop, change, and what attracts large groups of people to certain products/ services.

Comment # 10: ” How to Maintain Healthy Eyes in the Digital Age” By Kevin Allen

Posted on 4-15-12

These are great tips. My eyes get exhausted from staring at so many screens throughout the day and I always freak myself out thinking that I’m losing a part of my vision every time I stare at a screen for to long!
I especially liked the “20-20-20” rule. I Usually don’t have the time to take long breaks when I am working on the computer due to deadlines, etc. So every 20 minutes, I’ll start to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds! I love it!


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