PR Lessons in Super Bowl 46


Found in the Ragan’s Public Relations (PR) Daily News website, is the article “The Super Bowl, athletes, and social media: 5 lessons for PR pros” by Caroline Nobles. This is a great article for up and coming PR writers, especially those who enjoy sports because it incorporates five lessons that PR writers can learn from the athletes and the PR pofessionals in charge of marketing the Super Bowl.

PR News Daily Image

I learned from all five tips but my two favorite are to ‘be engaged and active’ and ‘follow athletes in and out of your sport’.

In short, most athletes and teams use social media and constantly add, update, link, follow and talk about their upcoming games, et cetera. Also, athletes that have a Twitter follow other athletes, whether or not they’re in their own sport, because it is a great way to learn from those ‘in and out of your field’.

In the PR world, this is important to do with other PR writers. As a new and still learning PR writer, I loved how Nobles encouraged me, one of her readers, to ‘use social media to keep up with colleagues, competitors, and industry news…’, because, ‘…untapped ideas, pitching opportunities, marketing tools, story ideas, and other useful content is always available’ just as the Super Bowl athletes watch others to tap into new ideas such as new plays.



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  1. Keeping connected is the key. Trying to establish yourself in an industry is difficult. It is nearly impossible without connections. I especially valued your point about Nobles encouraging connections for the sake of gaining ideas. Reading others work can provide that spark that some need to develop their own ideas. The parallel between sports and public relations writers is also useful. Especially for new public relations writers, like yourself, that connect with sports. Some people might not get this information if the sports aspect were not associated with it.

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