PR Applications Class Reflection


Today in Public Relations Applications, we discussed departments and firms that deal with public relations.

Getting into the details, we talked about how the names of many departments now include the term ‘communications’ in place of ‘public relations’. Some of the  titles one will come across for PR departments in the corporate world include corporate relations, investor relations, public affairs, marketing communications and external affairs. I think that any of these terms are appropriate for a job title; the title a company chooses to use should depend on the responsibilities of the job or jobs within the department. For example, the title ‘corporate communications’ conveys that that department primarily facilitates the company communicate with the public, other companies, etc. ‘Public affairs’, however, is a more specific job title that conveys that those in this department help the company establish a relationship with peoples in their public.

Adrian Garza and I worked together to research and create a powerpoint presentation two PR companies. I discussed Duarte Design, a company that does, assists, and teaches its clients how to put together presentations. Remember the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore? Well this is the company that assisted in creating that presentation! Some of their other clients include “…innovative Fortune 1000 companies in diverse industries, such as Adobe, Disney, Facebook, Twitter and Wells Fargo.” Adrian talked about American Society of composers, authors and publishers (ASCAP) and their departmental structure within their company.

Overall, it was a great class!



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Welcome! My name is Cynthia Melendez-Flynn! In a nutshell, I am a senior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Southeastern University. I am also the Senior Captain of the Cross Country and Track team at SEU, I work 2 jobs—one as a lifeguard and the other as a server in the on-campus restaurant, and I am the marketing and PR intern with a local wedding planner! I love all shades of purple, Salsa dancing, all music that has heart, Swedish fish and Take 5s. I met my boyfriend our freshman year about 3 years ago and when I'm not studying, socializing, or working you can find me out running! I use this blog as an educational diary to keep track of all that I have learned about public relations and marketing as well as a means to share my knowledge. You’ll stumble upon posts from my past classes-- PR Applications and Writing for PR and Advertising-- as well as posts for my current PR class Corporate Public Relations! Please feel free to share and comment inspirations and knowledge throughout my blog!

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