Marketing Plans Communicate A Company’s Style


“Think of marketing as the type of clothes you wear…if you dress like slob, you will be viewed as a slob. If you dress nice and clean your self up, people will be more intrigued to talk to you. Marketing is the clothes your company wears.”

"fused plastic bags coat" by Urban Woodswalker

Because I’m a Marketing major, I’ve been focusing a lot of my time reading blogs about marketing and similar topics. The statement above actually comes from the blog, “Lettuce: Keep Small Business Simple“. I enjoyed this blog because it discussed basic level aspects one would need to ask themselves as a new business owner that’s coming up with a marketing plan in a way that I could understand as a college student (with a intense love for clothes/style).

As explained in the post, after a new business owner creates a company, puts together an accounting plan and announces the company’s opening in the local newspaper– the next step is to create a marketing plan to help sell the products the company offers/produces etc. In order to do this though, there are three questions that need to be answered in order to to help appeal your product to your targeted audience:

1) Why is the product good?

2) What problem does the product solve?

3) Why does your audience need the product now?

Unless there’s an answer to each of these questions, the marketing plan will not be very strong and, well, the business won’t be very successful either. Once these are answered, though, the next step is to figure out how the business’s products should be advertised in order to appeal to its targeted audience(s).

For example, Quiksilver (a hip Calif. surfer brand)  is not going to market its clothing in a commercial where a 40- year- old soccer mom is driving to the beach because it would not answer the three questions and appeal to its targeted audience of young “beach-y” hipsters.

A good marketing plan also includes a well designed website, logo, business card etc. But to go above and beyond– including flyers, post cards, online catalogs or offering product packaging are great ways to enhance a marketing plan.

For more marketing tips, visit the blog “Marketing is Your Company’s Style“.


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Welcome! My name is Cynthia Melendez-Flynn! In a nutshell, I am a senior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Southeastern University. I am also the Senior Captain of the Cross Country and Track team at SEU, I work 2 jobs—one as a lifeguard and the other as a server in the on-campus restaurant, and I am the marketing and PR intern with a local wedding planner! I love all shades of purple, Salsa dancing, all music that has heart, Swedish fish and Take 5s. I met my boyfriend our freshman year about 3 years ago and when I'm not studying, socializing, or working you can find me out running! I use this blog as an educational diary to keep track of all that I have learned about public relations and marketing as well as a means to share my knowledge. You’ll stumble upon posts from my past classes-- PR Applications and Writing for PR and Advertising-- as well as posts for my current PR class Corporate Public Relations! Please feel free to share and comment inspirations and knowledge throughout my blog!

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