Podcasts Can Benefit PR Newbies Too!


Google defines a podcast as ” A multimedia digital file made available on the internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.”

"Look at the Technology" by Simon Clayson

That’s a great definition, but I mostly assimilate them to a cross between the kind of information on the radio and the convenience of downloadable music files. The main difference about podcasts, though, is that everyone has the ease and freedom to create and upload their own.

Because of this freedom, anybody can benefit from downloading and listening to podcasts because of the vast amount of topics. For example, homemakers can download a cooking podcast if they’re  looking for new recipes and up and coming chefs can upload their own podcasts to help promote their recipes.

"Roscoe Considers Recording a Podcast" by zoomar

Who would have thought that podcasts can benefit public relations students and/or new PR practitioners, though? …I for one didn’t realize that PR and marketing skills/news existed on this kind of media (Thanks Prof. Nixon!).

As a marketing major and PR minor, Marketing Over Coffee was my favorite podcast website because it provides podcast topics involving marketing and PR.

In “Now More With Nelson“, John and Chris (the hosts) discussed the new iPad, Facebook’s Timeline becoming a requirement at the end of this month and other topics involving call-in voicemail questions as well as “the death of print” from a link to an article that gave statistics about sales of printed material vs. digital material.

I also listened to “Fly the Creepy Skies“. This podcast discussed Facebook Social Advertisements and how they’re supposedly “re-creating marketing” as well as Pinterest vs. copyrighted Flickr images and a topic about the simplicity of creating a Pinterest Resume and how it benefits PR professionals because all it puts all of one’s work on the internet and in one spot.

After listening to a couple of other podcasts, too, I realized that these downloads are great tools for PR newbies for so many reasons like keeping up with current PR news, discovering opinions and the teachings of PR professionals, and even learning new ways to utilize social media.

To listen to some for yourself, check out the link to Marketing Over Coffee above, or visit other sites such as For Immediate ReleaseInside PRThe Creative CareerComing Up PR, or Trafcom News.


About cynflynn91

Welcome! My name is Cynthia Melendez-Flynn! In a nutshell, I am a senior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Southeastern University. I am also the Senior Captain of the Cross Country and Track team at SEU, I work 2 jobs—one as a lifeguard and the other as a server in the on-campus restaurant, and I am the marketing and PR intern with a local wedding planner! I love all shades of purple, Salsa dancing, all music that has heart, Swedish fish and Take 5s. I met my boyfriend our freshman year about 3 years ago and when I'm not studying, socializing, or working you can find me out running! I use this blog as an educational diary to keep track of all that I have learned about public relations and marketing as well as a means to share my knowledge. You’ll stumble upon posts from my past classes-- PR Applications and Writing for PR and Advertising-- as well as posts for my current PR class Corporate Public Relations! Please feel free to share and comment inspirations and knowledge throughout my blog!

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