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This week I followed along with a Twitter Chat.

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter Chats, they pretty much resemble an online chat room but instead are normally associated with one general topic. Anyone can participate in one because all one needs is the chat’s hashtag to post to their tweets so that the other chatters involved can see them.

So the Chat I followed is called Blog Chat (#Blogchat) and is held on Sunday nights. It was started in March 2009 and each week there’s usually a different blogging discussion topic such as about personal blogs, business blogging, optimizing your blog in search engines or how a company can pick a good blogging team.

"Two Bloggers, After Norman Rockwell" By Mike Licht,

This week was an “Open Mic night” where the chatters get to pick the topic and initiate in their own conversations and get the chance to get their questions answered.

I asked this, “Hey Blog Chatters! I have a question for you: What are some tricks I can do to maximize traffic to my client’s blog?”, and I had several replies that offered great advice. For example, Ashley Ashbee replied “@cynflynn91 Do you know anything about search engine optimization? Make client’s blog searchable using audience-based keywords. #blogchat” In other words, I can optimize my client’s blog so that it will come up near the top in search engines searches by following a few simple tricks on

I learned so much from asking just one question!

I recommend getting involved with blog chats because they are fun and a great tool for Public Relations Professionals. They provide easy access to a network of PR Pros and they are a quick way to discover and share new ideas. The only thing I would say to watch out for is how fast they happen. There are over 300 million impressions on any given night, according to Hashtracking, from September-December of 2011, which means there are about 2.4 million people every week!

Blog Chats containt a range of skill and knowledge amongst the people that participate, and because there are so many people, I admit it, I get intimidated to participate and prefer to just follow along so I don’t embarrass myself by tweeting something that’s common knowledge.

If this is you too though, I encourage you to keep trying to participate and get your ideas out there! After all, the more the merrier when it comes to learning and teaching!

To find out more about Blog Chat, check out its description and FAQs here; to follow along with other Twitter Chats, check out these top five twitter chats to get started.



About cynflynn91

Welcome! My name is Cynthia Melendez-Flynn! In a nutshell, I am a senior studying Marketing and Public Relations at Southeastern University. I am also the Senior Captain of the Cross Country and Track team at SEU, I work 2 jobs—one as a lifeguard and the other as a server in the on-campus restaurant, and I am the marketing and PR intern with a local wedding planner! I love all shades of purple, Salsa dancing, all music that has heart, Swedish fish and Take 5s. I met my boyfriend our freshman year about 3 years ago and when I'm not studying, socializing, or working you can find me out running! I use this blog as an educational diary to keep track of all that I have learned about public relations and marketing as well as a means to share my knowledge. You’ll stumble upon posts from my past classes-- PR Applications and Writing for PR and Advertising-- as well as posts for my current PR class Corporate Public Relations! Please feel free to share and comment inspirations and knowledge throughout my blog!

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  1. This is cool..I haven’t yet participated in a Twitter Chat, however, it sounds interesting.I think it would be intimidating, especially being a student and realizing I know very little about the PR industry still. – To ask questions, though, is how we learn and I think PR professionals also have a love for learning and communicating what they learn to other people. Great post. Thanks!

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