Writing A Social Media News Release


Social Media News Releases.

Ian Capstick, a progressive media consultant with MediaShift, broadly defines them as “a single page of web content designed to enable the content to be removed and used on blogs, wikis and other social channels. In practice, social media releases (SMRs) feature multiple embedded links (a YouTube video, Flickr slideshow, SlideShare presentation etc.) and blocks of text similar to those found in traditional releases (spokesperson quotes, boilerplate and contact information).”

Thus, a SMNR is so much more diverse than a regular print press release. Because SMNRs can incorporate so much more multimedia, they’re not only more interactive, but they’re more visually appealing as well. And, naturally, everyone loves visuals more than print. Eyes are just more drawn to image stimuli than they are to print stimuli.

If you’re itchin’ for a more in depth definition, check out this video by realwirefromwebitpr on YouTube.com:

That being said, SMNRs are beneficial to an organization for multiple reasons:

"People Are The Network" by Joe Pemberton

  • Encourage Social Interaction
  • Reach more People Through More Channels
  • Better Customize Your Approach
  • Cost Effective When On A Low Budget
  • Track & Promote Dialogue
  • Conversations Happen With & Around the News
  • Spark Conversations About Your Topic All Over the Web

So far, SMNRs seem pretty fool proof, right? Well, there are some disadvantages to using SMNRs.

by opensourceway

Gina Poirier, of Demand Media, describes that anytime one uses social media to market their information there will be controversies with privacy issues.

“One of the controversies with social networking is that some claim that advertising violates users’ privacy policies. Different social networks have different policies, but in general they must release some of users’ personal information in order to provide them with targeted marketing. While many people don’t mind personalized advertising, they agree to it when they sign up to use these websites and some social networks keep the released information anonymous anyway, there is nonetheless much debate about whether the practice is ethical or legal.”

However, because of the great amount of benefits, SMNRs are quite popular amongst various organizations. Check out some at the links below:

by JD Hancock

Abu Dhabi

Winter on ITV2

Cisco Connected Life Contest

Southwest Airlines

4G Broadband Success Launch

So, when should you use a SMNR?

There are many instances that give the opportunity to take advantage of the SMNR and its benefits. The most popular for small business clients, however, tends to be when “your strapped with a small advertising budget”, as said in How to Write a Social Media Press Release by Lou Dubois, and you want to get attention towards your business.

Thinking about assembling a SMNR? Here are just a few tips to get you started:

"Typpity Typpity" by amanky

  1. Research  and create goals for your news release– Do Your Research and Have Measurable Goals
  2. Become familiar and research your target audience
  3. Write in active voice
  4. Use bullet points -they’re popular online, but not common to the traditional press release
  5. Link to other information throughout the release
  6. Embed videos, images, and other multimedia to make your release interactive and interesting
  7. Use a “Grabbing Title” to grab the attention of your audience
  8. Don’t be overbearing- don’t make your release sound like a sales pitch

If you’re serious about writing a SMNR, definitely get as many tips, pointers and view as many examples as you can!

For more information, check out the websites linked above as well as this blog post How To Write a Social Media Press Release.


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