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Blog Comments Peer: 2322


Comment #1: “Why Images are Important in Blog Post” by Adrian Garza
Posted on 2/5/12

First of all, you are a natural writer and you have great flow. I also like how you gave an example of how you search for pictures on CompFight. I forgot all about using a + sign to narrow down the results. Thanks for the tip.
I also agree that images are an important part of ones writing as well but I think that you could have even used another picture in this post since you are talking about them. Maybe a chart that outlines what you wrote about.
Keep up the good work either way!

Comment #2: “My Digital Brand” by Katye Hanlin
Posted on 2/5/12

I agree that people say things that they regret later in the “heat of the moment” and I think that you’re smart for keeping those kinds of things off of your Facebook page. But I would avoid using cliches in your writing. Cliches can imply different things to different people and saying “in the heat of the moment” might imply something you don’t mean to convey. I also love the picture you used for this topic, it goes great!
Overall, keep up the good work!

Comment #3: “The Most Useful App You’ll Ever Use…” By Trey Davis

Posted on 2/28/12

The Dolphin app was a pretty cool feature that you and Maisie discussed that day. I’m getting an Iphone soon and I cannot wait to investigate the app store and download the ones that I like, and this one already makes my list! You should’ve pulled out your Iphone in class when you guys were presenting and showed us the gesture feature!
On a different note, be careful to check your AP Style when you write though, I noticed some mistakes as I read through this post. However, I like how you posted that video within your blog. I haven’t posted any videos on mine yet, but incorporating media into your writing is a great way to increase the level of human interest about your subject. Keep up the good work!

Comment #4: “The Giant Media World”  By Victoria Garcia

Posted on 2/28/12

I really like Tumblr too, or at least my friends tell me it’s a cool site that they can blog, share their opinions and art on. While I read through this, though, I couldn’t keep up with a flow in your writing because there were a lot of grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Make sure to check your writing, utilize the AP Style Book and run your posts through spell check before you post them! Also, pictures and videos are a great way to add human interest to your story and enhance the visual aspect of the web page your story is on! Great job naming so many of your favorite websites overall, though, I’ll have to check some of them out for myself.

Comment #5: “My New Experience with Twitter”  By Cameron Smith

Posted on 2/28/12

I like how you’ve made this post so personal to you’re own experiences with Twitter. I had never had a Twitter account until that day in class and I also didn’t know that much about the site and how it worked either. Although, I was indifferent because I just thought of Twitter as a place where annoying people (the kind who want to be the center of attention) were able to post about their life every second of the day. However, I’ve learned to like “Tweeting” and the concept of the website because of how it can be used to the advantage in Public Relations. For example, did you know that there’s a website ( that allows its users to drag and drop information from various social media websites, such as Twitter, into a story board? It’s a great tool to gather research when writing. Overall, keep up the good work.

Comment #6: “Infographics”  By Laurita Carranza

Posted on 2/28/12

Nice definition of an info-graphic. Although, there are more than just three types of info-graphics. For example, there are bar charts, histograms, Venn diagrams and even diagrams that show a series of events by separating them into categories (like the generic version of the food chain). In short, there are many types of info-graphics and choosing the right one to use depends on the story one’s writing. Overall, great job with being simple and to the point with your description, but don’t forget that including images and videos is a great way to increase the level of human interest, emphasizing a description of something and overall making the web page your blog is posted on more attention grabbing!

Comment #7 : “My Blog Comments” By Daniel Barcelo

Posted on 2/5/12

You are a great writer and you seem like you know what you’re doing in terms of writing in correct AP style.
I’m new to PR and this type of writing, and I won’t lie; I read through many of your posts and I was impressed that I specifically came to this category on your blog so I could read how you write comments. I learned a lot!
I’m not on your level yet, but thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work!

Comment #8: “Grammar Girl!” by Christina Miller

Posted on 2/5/12

First of all, I love how you use colors and pictures in your writing. I haven’t seen much of that in other blogs but I think it’s a great way to keep someone’s attention while they’re reading through your work.
I also am a fan of Grammar Girl’s website because of all the tips there are and how she teaches them.
My favorite one that you listed here is the one about the common grammar mistakes people make because of dialects in different states and cultures. Coming from a Spanish house, I encounter these a lot and find myself constantly correcting my grammar!
Keep up the good work.

Comment #9: “Rushing of the Clubs….aka CLUB RUSH!” by Jillian Reid

Posted on 2/5/12

Love that you posted about Club Rush and included tags to it as well as SBLC, SEU, SEU Senate and SEUHC12. I need to learn how to do that kind of stuff in my posts. It’s definitely a great way to bring more traffic to your writing.
Also, you are a natural writer, photographer and although your photo in this post isn’t labeled with an artist, I have a feeling that you designed it yourself. Well done!
Overall keep up the good work!

Comment #10: “The 8 worst media disasters of November” by Sarah Minerella

Posted on 2/18/12

This is a funny list. I remember when Jimmy Fallon’s guest band played that song as Michele Bachmann walked out. It was soo inappropriate and definitely a media disaster. I heard that Fallon apologized via twitter about the incident and the guest band, Questlove, apologized as well saying that they hoped they did not hurt Bachmann’s feelings. I wonder what the writer of this article wanted in terms of punishment from Fallon’s producers against the band in order to make up for the bash against Bachmann though. Their apologies seemed sincere to me, but for all I know, they could have been staged to maintain good public appearance.

Comment #11: “Pinterest Is Not Just Personal, It’s Business” By Mylon Bunce

Posted on 2/18/12

Businesses certainly should capitalize on Pinterest’s use of pictures in order to make their company/brand more well known. I myself love Pinterest and am on it more than any other social media website. One of my boards is of products that I love and most of the people I follow also have a products board. I’m much more likely to buy anything that I see on a friend’s products board than something I see anywhere else because it’s like a direct reference. Pinterest is an awesome advertising/PR opportunity just waiting to be taken.

Comment #12: “Kisses from Katie” by Sera Virginia

Posted on 2/22/12

This is a great topic for a connections blog. Inspiring stories really motivate me to be a better person so I love every time I come across one. This girl was so young when she moved out there, it blows my mind! Thanks for recommending Katie. I can’t wait to look into her book when summer gets here.