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Blog Mining in Habitat Sarasota


Habitat for Humanity is an organization committed to their mission:

To partner with God and community to provide decent, affordable housing for people in need so they may build better lives for their families”.

What I love about Habitat for Humanity is that they are extremely dedicated to the cause of filling the unbelievable need that plagues most every city in America— homelessness. And Habitat does it in any way they can.

by Chris Garrison

I’ve been to some of the Fundraising events put on by the Sarasota Habitat team. My favorites include the 5k “fun” runs such as the “Turkey Trot” as well as the beach runs during the summers.

Blog mining is a term that indicates searching blogs for useful information. But as a student, it has a different meaning. As described by my professor, blog mining is a process students go through that involves studying an organization’s blog and focusing on a positive or problematic opportunity that could provide meaningful feedback to that organization; then, the student’s job is to figure out how the organization should respond.

Naturally, Habitat for Humanity has a lot of positive opportunities that could provide meaningful feedback to its volunteers and sponsors, but the blog post that sticks out to me the most is the one about “The Church of the Palms Ground Breaking Contribution” posted on Sept. 10, 2011.

In short, “Habitat for Humanity Sarasota’s long-time partner, Church of the Palms, expressed their continued support of Habitat’s affordable-housing program with a $28,800 co-sponsorship towards a new home on Worrington Street.”

A contribution of this magnitude shows how well Habitat for Humanity has done with sticking to their mission. Church of the Palm’s support proves how high the public’s opinion is of Habitat’s efforts as well as the fact that Habitat remains one of the great leaders within the community in terms of aiding those that need it most. I would say that Habitat should respond to this with renewed motivation; and to the people working with and within Habitat for Humanity, keep up the good work! If one were to peruse (mine) the other news releases on this organization’s blog, he/she would see how well everyone involved has certainly done in getting their community involved with helping those that cannot help themselves.

“When the Son of Man comes…The King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”
-Matthew 25: 31-40.

As a follower of Christ, I support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity because they extend my reach of helping those I could not reach out to by myself.

To read more stories about Habitat for Humanity Sarasota, visit their blog here.



Firm or Department?


According to my textbook, THINK Public Relations, “…the role of public relations within an organization depends on the type of organization, the perceptions of top management, and even the capabilities of the public relations executive.” (89).

Business Woman Consulting a Partner by inlinguaManchester

When I graduate, I will most likely look for a entry-level job in a smaller organization for multiple reasons. Smaller organizations tend to view their public relations (PR) departments as a nominal part of everyday business. PR writers working in this environment will only be responsible for producing the company newsletter as well as routine news releases.

These kinds of responsibilities are what I would feel comfortable doing right out of college. However, as I gained more knowledge and experience within the trade, I would look for a job in a larger organization where the PR department is more important and is very involved in management decisions.

I would much rather take the positive aspect of being told what to do when I first graduate, and then when I am more of a professional, telling others how to do what I know how to best.

Overall, I would prefer to work for an organization instead of a PR firm. Although most of a PR firm’s revenues are from implementing aspects such as new releases and organizing events or media tours, they are more about emphasizing the counseling aspects of their services in social media.


Occupy Wall Street’s Influence on Super Bowl 2012


Sunday Feb.  5, was a day filled with chips and salsa, barbeques,  football jerseys and …protesters?

By The Facey Family

As the New York Giants went face-to-face with the New England Patriots the entire city of Indianapolis swelled with the excitement of 150,000 people pouring into the streets to watch the big game at the Lucas Oil Stadium. In the online version of the Huffington Post, Carrie Schedler,  in her article, “Occupy Super Bowl 2012…”  describes  that about 75+ of those people within the city limits were a combination of labor unions and Occupy Wall Street protesters marching “in opposition to the state’s proposed right-to-work legislation”.

By freestylee Michael Thompson

This bill, according to those that oppose it only allows businesses to keep enacting low wages and poor quality jobs. Those that support the bill, however, believe it will increase the amount of business because it will provide a “climate” that attracts employers.

Bill or not bill, though, the fact that the giant Occupy Wall Street movement has joined forces with “The Indiana chapter of the AFL-CIO, one of the largest union federations in the country” (‘Occupy The Super Bowl’ Will Protest Indiana’s Right-To-Work Law) and decided to parade through the streets of ‘Super Bowl City’ has presented an entirely new image for the casual Super Bowl Sunday.

Even those who were not at the game were watching it on television, and a large percentage of those viewers were more than likely to see the new Chrysler commercial featuring Clint Eastwood. If you’ve seen it than you’re probably aware of the appeal it made to those who are hurting because of joblessness or low wages– a direct connection to the movement going on outside the confines of the highly televised stadium.

I’d say that the Occupy Wall Street movement has done a fine job in getting America’s attention, whether or not the NFL Public Relations team and/or  NBC wanted them to. But, I would not be able to categorize whether this movement had a positive or negative impact on the Super Bowl. For me, it was positive because I love when people stand up for what they believe in. I feel like that’s what makes America special. But everyone thinks differently. For example, “some like Jason Leibowitz”, were upset by the movement ruining the Super Bowl, “‘There’s a place and a time for this,’ Leibowitz said. “This isn’t it.’ “(Carrie Schedler).

I agree that the Super Bowl’s PR teams and NBC should have done all that they could to keep such a mass event enjoyable for everyone. In the end though, there’s only so much censoring a network can do to keep the Super Bowl unbiased and free of inappropriate influences. I would say it is time for viewers of such a mass events to realize that it is almost impossible to weed out ‘impurities’ and that if they do not want to see such things than they should either turn off the TV or ignore them. The Occupy movement was only trying to accomplish the same ends as Chrysler, Doritos or Budweiser; except with an idea instead of a product.

My Digital Brand


When I Googled myself for this assignment, I was pretty surprised at how many results came up with information about me. Many were Cross Country and Track race times from when I ran in High School but there was also links to information about this blog, my facebook page, accomplishments in middle and high school as well as my SEU Cheerleading profile.

By Tiger Pixel

I clicked around on some of the websites that were advertising my race times from high school and it was definitely a great way to ‘jog’ my memory. Besides my high school times there were race times from when I did races for community service and good causes as well. My favorites were the FireCracker 5k and the Habitat for Humanity Turkey Trot.

Currently I have a stress fracture in my lower left shin which has kept me from running at all. This injury has really put the blessing of having two healthy working legs in perspective. I won’t ever miss an opportunity to take advantage of my ability to run well again. (Thanks to this assignment for reminding me of my passion in running).

My name is also found on old friends’ MySpace pages, which probably lists out-of-date information and links to old pictures of me from middle school.

My Facebook page and this blog, however, are definitely links I would want future employers find because they both include positive information (not that anything else would have negative information) about my life currently such as my current interests and involvement in cheerleading, church and some of my work as a Marketing/ PR student.

Overall, I learned that my digital brand markets my life as an athletic, Christian, involved and studious one. I’m proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished in order to have such a great digital brand. All I can hope for is that I can keep my name this good in the years to come.